About Our Company

About Our Company

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What We Do


Sigur Group is inventor, patent holder and manufacturer of cleaning and separation equipment for grain and loose materials based on aerodynamics. Sieveless technology machines allow to work with any kind of grain and calibrates it by biological value.


As well as manufacturing own equipment Sigur Group provides engineering and design of technological producation, cleaning and separation lines for grain elevators, grain processing companies, seed stations and all sizes farms and grain institutes.

Consulting and training

Consulting and trainings are integral part of engineering and project design. Sigur Group provides consulting and trainings to all the projects involved in.

Our projects

Lentil cleaning ADS line

Based on ADS technology lentil cleaning and separation line in Greece

ADS line on grain elevator

Installed on one of the biggest Kazakhstan grain elevator ADS line

50 T/H wheat cleaning machine

ADS machine installed for wheat pre-cleaning and separation in Harbin, China

Have a Large Project?

Our company has big experience in designing turnkey projects from basement to full grain processing complexes and grain elevators. We do manufacturing and engineering based on the client’s needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Grain cleaning and separation researches

Let's team up!

We are looking forward to make research cooperation in different fields including cleaning, separation and its affect on harvest increase and improving germination and seed health. We invite universities, seed stations and other individual researches for cooperation


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