Partners information

We are seeking representation for our products in different countries and would welcome your possible interest. Sigur Group is a leading innovative inventor, patent holder and a manufacturer of grain processing equipment. We offer new level air separation technology and grain processing. Separation technology doesn’t use sieve, vibrating table, its all aerodynamics controlled. Machines are very easy to operate, easy to install.

Our company prefer to deal with mutually exclusive distributors in each defined territory. We grant a good commission from our recommended or suggested list prices and fully support our distributors and offer to every dealer:

  • operator trainings
  • promo materials
  • express shipment
  • support services

Low energy consumption

One of our big advantages is very low power consumption on all our models comparing to other grain processing equipment. The smallest capacity equipment which provides 5 tonn/hour separation needs only 2.3 kw. Big eqipment for processing centres like 150 tonn/hour separation and cleaning needs 43 kw. Thus this machine can be used in small farms, grain elevators, and small processing complexes. Due to low energy efficiency projects using the ADS separators have very fast cost recovery. Upon request small machines can also be equipped with 220V/415V.

Product line

We work with bot small and big businesses and offer wide range of products that meet most demand. For small and average business there are solutions for grain pre cleaning, separation and sorting, post cleaning applications with 5 tonn/hour, 20 tonn/hour and 50 tonn/hour. These machines best fit to farms, grain elevators, small and average grain processing centres. For big projects like grain elevators, grain ports and large grain processing plants we offer 50 tonn/hour, 100 tonn/hour and 150 tonn/hour equipment.

Equipment fast recoupment

ADS machines have very fast investments recoupment. Due to basic characteristics and unique design machine beats nearest competitors. For example the smallest machine will bring the full recoupment after average 3 months of work. Based on product line we have donestatistics of equipment recoupment. Please contact us for individual calculation.

Wide range of applications and grain diversity will cover many different projects and bring success to your business! If you are interested in product and ready for discussion please contact us.